The culinary experience at STUDIO is head chef Christoffer Sørensen’s interpretation of modern Nordic gastronomy. Always deeply rooted in taste and the best produce of the season – never dogmatic or closed off from inspiration from other parts of the world.

STUDIO is featured on the World’s 50 Best ‘Discovery List’, and currently sits at number 81 on OAD’s list of European top restaurants. STUDIO is also ranked on La Liste 1000 with 91.50 points.

Despite his young age, Michelin Guide’s ’Young Chef’ 2021 draws on many years of experience from the top of the Danish culinary scene. Before taking over at STUDIO in 2021, he spent nine years at Michelin-starred Dragsholm Slot.

Christoffer Sørensen’s culinary expression blends wild, fermented, and foraged Nordic flavours with a French foundation and Japanese inspirations in both taste and aesthetics; Deep, pure, and fresh tastes that please and surprise. The menu puts special emphasis on the best Nordic fish and shellfish – always sustainably caught – and when in season, Danish wild game is on the menu.

The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the dishes are mirrored in STUDIO’s premises at Carlsberg Byen – Copenhagen’s vibrant new neighbourhood and STUDIO’s residence since December 2022. STUDIO is located exactly where the clean water source for the world-famous brewery’s beer once sprung. Clean water is the source of all life, inspiring both the menu and Danish artist Frederik Lassen Hesseldahl’s great dynamic wave that sweeps across the end wall, creating a calm, but never lulling restaurant space. Much like Christoffer Sørensen’s character and cuisine – calm, considered, and thought out, but always in movement.

STUDIO is part of LOCA Restaurants, also behind the Copenhagen restaurants Kilden i Haven, Almanak i Operaen, and RADIO. The purpose of LOCA Restaurants is to create restaurants that truly emphasise sustainability – both when it comes to products and people.

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