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Tres is a 12 seat restaurant at Kop van Zuid-Entrepot in Rotterdam that presents a playful set menu. Run by chef Michael van der Kroft and his partner and front of house, Emy Koster, it is a true passion project, based on the couple’s vast experience in fine dining. The menu at Tres changes every season and is carefully crafted to showcase the best of Dutch seasonal ingredients. Michael van der Kroft draws on his creative flair and his passion for science to create dishes that are sure to delight even the most discerning palate. Van der Kroft’s culinary style is all about flavours, and in the pursuit of the pure and unique flavour he completely eliminated salt, using such technically sophisticated ingredients as seaweed salt crystals and caramel salt instead. Some of the ingredients take 9 months and longer to elaborate in Tres laboratory, as Chef van der Kroft’s passion for culinary science techniques is at the core of every menu he develops. “At Tres, we want to give you an intimate dining experience, a night without a single thought of yesterday or tomorrow. We will share the stories of our farmers and artisans that have contributed to who we are today and the restaurant’s philosophy. The best producers and growers have been invited to be a part of this celebration of Dutch produce. We will show what can be grown, harvested, fished and foraged in this small but rich country. Complex without being complicated.”

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